A supplication 

In the darkness of this age 
grant my troubled heart 
scars of love, that would 
put the moon to shame.

In the ruins of my soul
in this vast emptiness 
stir up a whirlwind of passion 
wild like a hurricane.

Let the love be selfless 
and the truth fearless 
let my veins be flooded 
only with your name. 



my body was consumed
my heart scorched
by the fire
by raking the ashes
what may I ask
do you desire?

For No Reason 

Don’t torment me with this pain, for no reason
Why have you become a reason, for no reason?

Time, tell my heart to stop this madness
Why is it intent on being insane, for no reason

I have already forgotten you
Foolish heart, don’t complicate this matter, for no reason

I did not mean to mention your name today
Your mention came up somehow, for no reason

I have no reason to meet with you
Why do I search for reasons, for no reason?

My Wish


May the sun brighten your day with a smile
And the resplendent moon kiss you goodnight

May the canopy of the clouds cool you with shade
And the glistening stars sparkle your night

May the wind dance through your hair
And the ocean tickle your toes with delight

May the song of birds serenade you with joy
And the glimmering fireflies illuminate your path with light

May your heart attain all that you seek
And walk through life with the hand of Love holding you tight